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Email & SMS Marketing Services

Reach Your Target Audience Directly With the Right Content

The importance of email marketing in digital brand success cannot be emphasized enough. Online email marketing is one of the best marketing methods for earning business leads and delivering a high return on investment (ROI).

Email Marketing Strategies That Work


Don’t sleep on email marketing.

It may sound old school, but even with the advent of all these different ways to get in touch with people and push messaging, the one thing everyone still uses is email. 90 to 99% (!) of people check their email every day depending on which study they check out. Every Tsh. 2500/= spent on email returns around Tsh. 100,000/= That’s essentially an untapped pile of free money you may be sitting on.

Email marketing should easily generate 20% of brand revenue for your brand when done correctly.

We’ll AUDIT your current email strategy, learn more about YOU and YOUR store to ensure that our creatives are on brand, and implement a strategic plan upon approval.

Included in our services:

  1. Email Marketing Copywriter
  2. Email Marketing Designer
  3. Email Marketing Developer
  4. Manager and Coordinator

Regardless of the plan, you choose, or how many subscribers you have, our intensity is the same. Our email coverage includes:
Flows: welcome series, abandoned cart, browse abandoned, post-purchase, and more!

One-time messages:

  1. 2-3x weekly
  2. Email calendar
  3. Pop-up form
  4. Audience Segmentation, and more!

Our secret? WE CARE. We want to know who you are as a person, the story behind the brand, the industry, and our track record. All of our clients have seen explosive ROIs, and we aim to keep the streak alive with yours!

SMS / Text Marketing Services

To text or not to text? That is the question. Well, it’s actually a no-brainer! Text messages are opened nearly 98% of the time, which are HIGHER open rate than any other channel out there. For this reason, you (yes, you!) should have SMS marketing in your arsenal.

Why Choose us for SMS marketing service?

When you choose our SMS marketing package out of our digital marketing services, we’ll set your brand up for success. Besides the norm — onboarding questionnaire, kickoff meeting, and enthusiasm — you’ll get the works:

  • AUDIT: your brand and industry
  • SMS Copywriter: From using the right emojis to delivering witty content, our copywriter will include copy that tailors to your brand for IMPACTFUL results.
  • SMS Designer: Using a mixture of images and GIFs, we’ll set your brand up for success with one-of-one designs that boost your engagement.
  • LIVE DEMO of our SMS platform, so that you can track metrics any time you please.
    Pop-up form: to capture phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Journeys: Abandoned cart, Post-purchase, Browse Abandoned, and more
  • SMS calendar for one-time messages: 2-3 SMS messages weekly
  • Text to Join: Together, we’ll develop a unique keyword to get people to join!
  • Instagram Swipe-up: to boost SMS signups, we’ll provide you with an IG Swipe-up creative to get more subscribers.
  • & Much more!

Whether you’re sending a one-time message to hundreds, or millions, SMS advertising is a highly engaging way to interact with your subscribers.

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